Our Services
China Popularity
Utilize Acorn Entertainment unique CPI (Celebrity Popularity Index) to measure and analyze celebrity’s online awareness as well as social media performance to demonstrate celebrity’s popularity in China.
Social Media
Personal Branding
Given our in-depth understanding of client’s personality and interests, we provide a personal branding strategy that not only reflects the best of the celebrity but is also suitable for and tailored to the Chinese audience’s taste.
Localized Content
We help create content that is specifically made for the Chinese audience to create local relevance and fan engagement.
Fan Outreach
and Engagement
Identify and reach out to celebrity fan groups that are spread across different social and digital platforms for celebrity fan growth, promotion and interaction programs.
Campaign Creation
and Execution
Construct campaign big ideas, identify target audiences and relevant social, digital medias, fan groups as well as KOLs for effective campaign deployment.
Crisis Monitoring
and Management
Provide timely social media monitoring over comments and information related to the client, identify malicious/negative posts that might cause danger to client’s reputation.
Backend Publishing, Monitoring
and Reporting Platform
Provide weekly, monthly and quarterly social media performance reports through Acorn Entertainment’s proprietary data analysis tool to showcase social media management progress and growth against KPIs
Leveraging Acorn Entertainment’s extensive brand and media resources to introduce various types of monetization through social media, brand partnership, offline events, TV/movie productions and endorsement opportunities.
We use the “4 M’s” approach
a rigorous and data-driven approach to to social media management.
Our Process

Acorn Entertainment uses the 10 KPIs to measure, assess and diagnose current CPI. Scores are calculated to derive performance insight. Acorn Entertainment’s experienced strategic planning team provides effective and tailored solutions.


Acorn Entertainment manages accounts on a 24/7 basis. We apply content strategy, engagement campaigns, fan community outreach, media planning, KOL acquisition and SEO and SEM to increase CPI.


Moreover Acorn Entertainment will seek to magnify its CPI andAcorn International Group brand resources including a wide variety of monetization opportunities.


Acorn Entertainment will maintain CPI through consistent and high-integrity management of social media presence without degradation due to mishandling.

Our Clients
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